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Mid-Power Tuner for QRP

The Z-817H is the ultimate autotuner for QRP radios including the Yaesu FT-817(D) with addition of the Tokyo High Power HL-45B. The Z-817H interfaces to the CAT port (ACC) on the back of the FT-817 radio with the provided cable. Tuning could not be simpler; one button push on the tuner is all that is needed and the Z-817H takes care of the rest. It will switch to PKT mode, transmit a carrier, tune the tuner, then restore the radio to the previous mode! The CAT thru port on the back allows connection to the THP HL-45B for automatic band selection on the amp.

Of course, the Z-817H will also function as a general purpose antenna tuner with other QRP radios or QRP radios with up to 75 watt HF amps. Just transmit a carrier (with the amp in bypass) and press the tune button on the tuner. Once tuned, turn on the amp and enjoy more power. The Z-817H is powered by four AA internal Alkaline batteries (not included), so there are no additional cables required to use the Z-817H. 2000 memories cover 160 through 6 meters. Latching relays are used so that power consumption is Zero when not tuning allowing a set of batteries to last about one year. Suggest Price $159.99.

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