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TW-2 Talking Wattmeter


 TW-2 Talking Wattmeter for 50 MHz, 144MHz, 220 MHz and 440 MHz.

*** Limited number of TW-2 units are still available at www.cheapham.com ****

The TW-2 Talking Wattmeter is the companion unit to our popular TW-1. It provides an aural spoken indication of power and SWR using a synthesized voice in the VHF and UHF ham bands. It is ideal for the vision-impaired, for those of us in the “bi-focal set”, or just for those times when you need to be looking somewhere else. It's also perfect for mobile operation; you can check your power and SWR and still keep you eyes on the road.

Simply set the band you want to use, and at the press of a button, the TW-2 speaks the forward power or SWR: "The Forward Power Is One Hundred Watts". Three languages are available: English, Spanish and German. It includes its own internal speaker; no external audio hookups are needed.

The TW-2 also offers a continuous tone mode for tuning. Simply press and hold the Forward or SWR button, and a tone indicates power or SWR reading. As you adjust your transmitter or antenna tuner, a higher tone indicates higher power or SWR. This is just the thing for peaking your satellite uplink amplifier while keeping a close watch on the collector current. It’s also great for making those adjustments to your mobile antenna.

You can select either long or short voice reports. Long reports include descriptors like “thousand” or “hundred” and end with “watts”. Short reports speak only the numerical value of the measurement you’ve selected for a quick reading.

The TW-2 will handle up to 250 watts with a resolution of 0.1 watt. The TW-2 is accurate to +/- 5% of the reading across the entire power range; this may very well be the most accurate wattmeter you own.

The TW-2 is microprocessor controlled, and can easily be upgrade in the field with a simple chip exchange. It requires 7 – 15 volts DC at 200 mA maximum, but consumes almost no current when not speaking

To listen to the TW-2
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