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Ok, let's see… I've got my Z-11Pro tuner, my FT-Meter, my TW-1 talking wattmeter for the HF rig, my TW-2 for two meters, and a couple of DTS-4 coax switches hooked up to my rigs and ready to go. Now all I need to do is get DC power to them all. Hmmm… six little wall warts? One big one with six power plugs spliced on? A regulated supply with an octopus rig for output? What a mess! Come on, LDG, what were you thinking when you came up with these cool tuners and accessories? You knew I'd want them all, but how am I supposed to get power to them?

Well, we hear you, mostly because we use all this great stuff ourselves! That's why we came up with the LDG Multi-DC, a simple DC distribution box with one 12 vdc input and six outputs. The provided cables have the right coaxial DC power plug to connect to all your LDG products. The Multi-DC can source up to three amps; each of the six outputs can provide up to .5 amps to your LDG accessories. The Multi-DC comes with an input cable, and six output cables, each 3 feet long.


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