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DWM-4 Wattmeter


The LDG Digital Wattmeter is based on a QST construction article in the July 99 Issue. This Wattmeter is a microprocessor controlled, multi-sensor power monitoring system that covers HF, VHF, and UHF frequency spectrums.

A multifunction display allows full control of the meter's menu system. Up to four remote sensors can be connected to monitor multiple transmitters. For example: you could have 2 HF radios, one tuned for QRP; a VHF and a UHF radio all connected at the same time. You recover a bit of shack space having to have only one wattmeter. Because it comes with a mounting bracket, it can easily be mounted under a shelf or dash.

Your callsign is easily programmed into the display and alarms are fully setable. The DWM-4 is only available in fully assembled form and comes with 2 sensors, calibrated to your choice of 3 frequency ranges: HF, HF(QRP), VHF, or UHF.

The DWM-4 is a beautiful addition to the shack or mobile.

Please note: We have discontinued the DWM-4. There are no plans to manufacture more. W4RT Electronics (www.w4rt.com) may have some HF and or VHF sensors (no HF high power sensors).

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