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SLS-2 RJ45 Switch


Back in the day, the microphone for your phone transmitter was an afterthought at best. Most rigs didn’t include a mic at all, and you were simply left to your own devices. Many a tape recorder mic was pressed into service on 80 meter AM, and if the plate current swung when you yelled, that was about as far as anybody checked. They sounded about like you’d expect; two tin cans and a string.

Now, hams have come to realize the importance of the microphone in the overall operation of their station. An SSB transmitter is little more than an audio-to-RF converter, and if it’s not in the mic audio, it’s not going to be in the transmitted RF. Many new, high quality mics have hit the market and been adopted by hams for every purpose. “Wide-Band Side-Band” aficionados use commercial quality mics with elaborate equalizers to squeeze all the fidelity they can out of the available bandwidth. So, it’s no surprise these days to find high-end (and high-dollar) mics in the shack, or perhaps even two; one for rag-chewing and one for DX.

Switching that expensive mic between two rigs is as easy as unlatching the mic connector, shoving aside all the other cables on the desk, reaching over the cw paddle, finding the jack on the other radio, lining up the pins, making sure you have the connector lined up correctly, pressing it in and then checking to make sure the tab latched.


Well, there’s a better way, and of course LDG has it. The SLS-2 is a microphone switch for modern transceivers with RJ-45 mic connectors. It features two switched and one common jack in the back; you can switch one mic between two radios, or one radio between two mics. A push-in/push-out button on the front selects the port, and an LED lights to indicate the selection. The SLS-2 runs on 12 volts DC at 100 ma from any suitable source. It makes switching radios or mics a breeze, letting you use your best mic on whichever rig you need it. Contact your LDG dealer and order yours today.

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