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ALK-2 Audio Linear Key Switch


When I was a young ham back in the Ď50s, it never entered my mind that I would ever own more than one radio. I mean, having a DX-20 paired with an AR-2 was just about as much as I could imagine. Now, itís not unusual to have two HF transceivers, or maybe an HF transceiver and a VHF/UHF set. Each one of these might have a separate speaker, or need a keying line. Switching a single speaker or keyer between the two involves so much plugging and unplugging you start to look like Ernestine the telephone switchboard girl.


LDG has the solution. The ALK-2 is a switch box for speakers, keying lines, ALC lines or whatever you need. It has two switched and one common set of jacks in the back: 1/8th inch stereo and RCA jacks in parallel. On the front, a push-in/push-out selects the port, and an LED lights to indicate the selection. For instance, you can switch one speaker between two radios, or two radios between one speaker.


The ALK-2 runs on 12 volts DC at 100 ma from any suitable source. It makes switching speakers or keys a breeze, letting you use whichever rig you need when you need it. You can even pre-set it, and remote control it by switching the 12 volt dc on and off from a distance. Order yours today.


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