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The LDG M-7600 provides a lavish 4 ½” meter for the IC-7600. It will display S-meter on receive, or power out, SWR, ALC level or supply voltages, all selectable from the rig’s setup menu. What’s more, the M-7600 and the virtual meter on your radio can work together; for example, you can display SWR on the radio’s meter and power output on the M-7600.

The meter face is backlit in cool LED blue, powered by any 12 volt, 250ma source; there’s a brightness control on the case back. The meter itself is passive; it doesn’t require the 12 volt supply. You don’t have to power the backlight, but you’ll be missing out on a great feature if you don‘t. Calibration adjustments are accessible from the back of the M-7600; you don’t have to take the meter apart if you ever need to cal.

The M-7600 comes fully assembled and calibrated; both the radio and power cables are included, of course, so you’re ready to go right out of the box. And, it carries LDG‘s two year, fully transferable warranty. At only $79.99 it’s a bargain; order yours today.