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JT-11P Jupiter Tuner


The Ten-Tec Jupiter is a State-Of-The Art transceiver, software upgradeable radio. LDG now offers an equally State-Of-The Art automatic tuner for the Jupiter that you install inside the radio. The result is a fully integrated internal tuner controlled by the front-panel Tune button. The tuner comes fully assembled, aligned and ready to install. Installation is well within the abilities of most hams; only basic soldering and electronic assembly skills and tools are required. LDG's manual provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions. Installing the LDG tuner does not void the Ten-Tec warranty.

Sure, Ten-Tec offers a tuner, but it has no memories, requiring you to re-tune every time you change frequency, even if you've tuned there before. Also, it clears when you power down the radio, so you have to retune when you power back up, even if you're still on the same frequency. The LDG JT-11P features 200 memories for nearly instant recall of tuning parameters when you transmit on or near a frequency you've tuned before, and it retains the last tuned setting when you power cycle the radio. As soon as you power back up, the JT-11P restores the settings and you're ready to transmit in a fraction of a second.

The JT-11P features LDG's advanced algorithms that complete a full tune in just a few seconds, or reset stored settings from memory in 0.1 seconds. The JT-11P has upgradable firmware so you'll always have the latest algorithms and features by simply installing a new chip.

You can choose full tuning that runs a complete tuning cycle from scratch, or memory tuning that sets stored tuning parameters. As you tune, the JT-11P automatically stores the tuning parameters for instant recall; it learns as you use it, adapting itself to all your favorite frequencies and bands. With memory tuning, you can change frequency whenever you like, and you're ready to transmit almost instantly.

Oh, yes did we mention that the JT-11P costs about half as much as the Ten-TEC unit? Advanced performance, memory tuning, power-up restore, much lower cost and a two year warranty; the LDG JT-11P is the hands-down choice for your Jupiter. Order yours today.

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