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Homebrewing is as old as ham radio. For decades, most hams built their own transmitters as a matter of course, and quite a few built their own receivers as well. As manufacturing technologies advanced, it became harder and harder to homebrew gear equivalent to commercial equipment. Today, it is nearly impossible to build competitive gear, with one exception: amplifiers. Many hams use amplifiers, especially on the HF bands. Even with modern manufacturing techniques, it is still possible to build an amplifier that is fully competitive with commercial gear. With a little patience and skill, you can build yourself an amp that equals or exceeds the performance of the best commercial product.

Ham amplifiers typically feature a tuned input stage to match the exciter's output to the amplifier's input. Until now, these were almost always simple L-C circuits, hand adjusted by a slug-tuned coil. This was a compromise at best; common practice is to tune the input for the center of the band. At the band edges, the match is not nearly as good. Some amps have no tuned input at all; this is especially bad for solid-state exciters.

The LDG AT-100AMP now offers homebrewers the opportunity to include a fully automatic tuned input stage in their amplifier. Similar in performance to the popular LDG AT-100Pro, the AT-100AMP is customized for use in the input stage of an amplifier. Designed to be built into the amplifier, it offers fully automatic operation, and requires only three connections: 12 vdc, RF in and RF out. The AT-100AMP automatically tunes the input of your amp in seconds so the exciter is always optimally matched to the amp. As you operate, the AT-100AMP's 4,000 memories store tuning parameters for your favorite bands and frequencies for nearly instant recall when you transmit on or near the same frequency again. The AT-100AMP can handle up to 125 watts RF input, but requires only 0.1 watts to tune.

So, if you're considering homebrewing an amplifier, or if you need to add tuned input to an existing amplifier, the AT-100AMP offers you the first-ever opportunity to include an automatically tuned amplifier input stage. And don't forget to add an LDG AT-1000 for fully automatic output tuning, too!

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