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QRP Autotuner


Designed Just for the QRP Operator

The QRP Automatic Antenna Tuner kit is based on the AT-11 design with attention paid to reducing size and power consumption. The tuner is a high efficiency, microprocessor controlled, switched "L" network designed to work with Dipoles, Verticals, Inverted Vees, Beams or any coax fed antenna in the 1.8 - 30.0 MHz range. It's small size and weight make it perfect for installing in existing QRP transmitters. There are approximately 150 parts and requires two to four hours for construction.

The QRP Autotuner now has an optional enclosure package available. The enclosures are made by Ten-Tec (same ones that make radios) and are all aluminum and comes pre-drilled and punched. It is texture painted with black top and beige bottom.

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