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AT-200 PC


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There's a new-generation of transceiver that can be controlled directly from your PC, with most or all radio functions in a snazzy graphical user interface; instead of twiddling knobs, you just point and click! Some transceivers have no controls at all, and rely entirely on a PC interface. Even though many of these modern radios feature a built-in tuner, it’s range and features are usually quite limited; if you need a tuner, you probably need a better one than they built into the radio.

Now you can have a state-of-the-art, high performance automatic tuner and still run your whole station right from your keyboard and mouse. LDG's AT-200PC is a special version of the popular AT-200Pro, but designed for PC control. The tuner itself has no buttons or readouts at all; its many functions are controlled entirely by a program running on your PC. The tuner itself can be installed out of the way, on the floor or even in another room, interfacing to your PC via a serial or USB cable. With control from the PC, the tuner is now ALE compatible.

The AT-200PC will handle up to 250 watts SSB or CW on 1.8 – 30 MHz, and 100 watts on 54 MHz. It features LDG’s state-of-the-art, processor-controlled Switched-L tuner. It will match virtually any kind of coax-fed antenna, including Yagis, dipoles, inverted Vs, slopers, loops, just about anything. It will typically match a 10:1 SWR down to 1.5:1 in just a few seconds. You can also use the AT-200PC with longwires, random wires and antennas fed with ladder line with the optional LDG balun. The AT-200PC includes an internal antenna switch, controlled from the PC, that lets you select between two different antennas.

The AT-200PC features memory tuning, automatically storing tuning data for frequencies and bands as you use them. It stores tuning parameters for up to four separate antennas on each of its two antenna ports. When you transmit on or near a frequency you’ve used before, the AT-200PC can restore the tuning data almost instantly. It learns as you use it, adapting itself to your operating patterns for faster and faster tuning.

The control protocol between the tuner and the PC is fully documented; you can easily write your own control program in Visual Basic, C or just about any other language. A simple public-domain program is provided to get you started. Or, you can use popular rig control programs like N4PY or SuperControl, or several others that now support the AT-200PC (including Army MARS ALE).

Another first for LDG: the firmware in the AT-200PC is flash upgradeable! You can upgrade to the latest firmware simply by downloading a small, free updater program from the LDG web site. Your AT-200PC will never be out of date!

LDG once again defines the state of the art with the PC controlled AT-200PC. Get the most out of your Kenwood, Yaesu, Ten-Tec or Icom radio that interface to your PC.

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