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1000 Watts SSB
750 Watts CW
500 Watts Digital
Now with 200 Memories

An Autotuner for use with your amplifier! No more knob spinning or inductor rolling. Tunes your antenna in 1 to 8 seconds when you QSY either in the same band or to a different band! Easy installation and use make this the choice for any Amateur Radio Operator with an amplifier.

Operation is simple:

  • Place amplifier in standby
  • Transmit a steady carrier
  • Tune and verify SWR is less than 2:1
  • Return your amplifier to operate and have fun with QRO!

The AT-1000 covers 1.8 to 54 MHz continuous coverage (Please see specifications for specific power ratings). The microprocessor that controls all the tuning actions has safety software built in so that if you accidently try to tune or fine tune the AT-1000 with more than 125 watts (1:1 load), it will lock itself to protect the relays.

Just about any antenna can be tuned with the AT-1000. The antenna must be between 6 to 800 ohms (approximately 10:1 SWR) in-order to bring the SWR down to 1.5:1. If you use ladder line or long wires (random length or otherwise), add an appropriately rated Balun and you're ready to go!

This Desktop Autotuner is a beautiful addition to your shack and a companion your amplifier shouldn't be without.

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