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TimeCat Operation and Registration


TimeCAT is shareware. If you find this software to be useful, please register the software by sending $10.00 to the following address:

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TimeCAT uses DTMF tones to set the time on a repeater using your HAM radio. The unlock code, lock code and the test invoking code can be set in the Settings Dialog. You can get to the Settings Dialog by clicking on the Configure button.

Changing Modes

TimeCAT has two modes of operation. The mode is set using the buttons in the upper left hand corner.

Use the S et Time and T est buttons to change the mode of operation.

In Set Time mode the software will delay for 2 seconds, turn on the Transmit indicator to warn that the program is about to transmit a code (giving you a chance to ready your microphone), then begin transmitting codes. It will transmit the Unlock code, then delay to give the repeater a chance to respond. It will then transmit the time string and delay once more, waiting for the repeater to respond. Finally the program transmits the lock code and stops transmitting.

In Test mode the software behaves a little bit differently. The software delays two seconds, gives the Transmit warning, and then transmits the test string. The repeater should respond with the test sequence. The test sequence is 0123456789abcd#*.

Changing the Unlock/Lock and Test Invoking Codes

To change the default codes that are set by TimeCAT you click the Configure button in the lower left hand corner of the main window. The settings dialog will be displayed.

The Settings Dialog

TimeCAT will save the Unlock Code, Lock Code and the Test Invoking Code in the registry.

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