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Product Software, Firmware and Hardware Upgrades

Current Upgrades:
There are no free upgrades available at this time.

Current Rebates:
Interface Cable Rebate. Purchase any LDG Generic tuner (AT-100ProII, AT-200ProII, AT-600ProII, AT-1000ProII, Z-11ProII or Z-100Plus) and you are eligible for a free interface cable (YT-PAC-1200, YT-PAC-3000, IC-PAC, IC-PAC-6, Y-ACC or AL-PAC). The rebate form is available here.
Current Processor Versions:
Generic Tuners:
AT-1000ProII V1.7
AT-100ProII V1.0
AT-200ProII V1.1
AT-600ProII V1.1
Z-100Plus V1.0
Z-11ProII V1.2
Brand Specific Tuners:
AL-100 V1.0
AT-897Plus V1.3
IT-100 V1.0
KT-100 V1.0
YT-100 V1.2
YT-1200 V1.0
Z-817 V1.0
Z-817H V1.0
M-600 V1.0
M-1000 V1.1
Remote Tuners:
RT-100 V1.0
RT-600 V1.0
Firmware for LDG Products
We are in the process of providing as many firmware files as we can verify that work. The files are archived in .S19 or .HEX format at www.yahoo.com/groups/LDG-auto-tuners

Products that we do not have processors for: AT-1000Pro, AT-600Pro, AT-200Pro, AT-100Pro, AT-897, AT-1000, AT-7000, Z-100, AT-200PC, AT-11, AT-11MP, Z-11, Z-11Pro, RT-11, AT-100AMP, RVS-8, TW-1, TW-2, DTS4, 4R, 6 and 6R.