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Tech Support-Repair-Warranty

Tech Support: To ask a technical or support questions please contact us by e-mail support@ldgelectronics.com.  We're closed Fri, Sat and Sun, so e-mail may not be available at those times. We try to provide the minimal cost for repairs so we may not be able to respond to repair requests. Also, we have the lowest cost repair system in the industry. We do not charge for return shipping for warranty repairs. If you want to track your unit, pay for delivery acknowledgement to your carrier and we will contact you as soon as your unit has been completed.

FAQ Page: Be sure to check out our FAQ page to see if your support issue is listed there.
Tuner Interface Info: This is an application note that provides more information on the interface for many LDG tuners.

Replacement Parts: www.cheapham.com carries replacement cables, S9 replacement clamps, replacement bulbs, and refurbished units (if available).

Yahoo User Groups: User supported technical groups.

2-Year Transferable Warranty or Repair Procedure:
1) Print and completely fill out the Return Form (this form). No RMA is needed. If it is under our 2-year warranty, include a copy of your receipt.
2) Ship your product (with cables, if any) to LDG with the Return Form. Track your shipment if you wish to know when LDG receives it. LDG does not send a receipt confirmation.
3) LDG will have an e-mail sent to you from UPS (USPS for Canada) with the tracking number when the product is returned to you.
3a) If there is a charge, LDG will call or e-mail you for payment info before the unit is returned.

Track your shipment back to us so you will know when we got it. Repairs can weeks once we receive it, but are generally quicker. Unfortunately, we cannot provide status or updates while the units still in process. We will promptly contact you when your repair has been completed. We are unable to provide call-tags for repairs and do not cross ship units.

Paying for Your Repair
Pay for your service repair by sending a PayPal payment to ldgpaypal@ldgelectronics.com or by mailing a check or money order.

Shipping time: We return most items by UPS ground. For Canada we use USPS. Here is a map to show approximate shipping time from LDG's location in Maryland.