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The Best Warranty!  Don't forget that LDG is so confident about our Quality Control, all LDG products come with a complete TWO-year warranty that covers ALL parts and ALL labor (nothing is prorated). Beyond that, the warranty is 100% transferable to anyone that you give or sell your tuner to. We even provide completely FREE shipping back to you for ALL warranty repairs (even if you live in Spain). No one comes close to LDG's service and warranty.

Tuner Selection Info  Need help choosing a tuner? Try our "Tuner Selection Flow Chart" or "Tuner Comparison Chart". It gives you the specs for all of our tuners in an easy to read format that will help you make your decision.

LDG Brand-Specific Tuners LDG Brand-Specific tuners work with select radios or series of radios. Pressing the Tune button on the tuner (or the tune button on some radios) and the tuner will analyze the RF, SWR and frequency to find an optimal match between your antenna and tuner. Interface cables are included for the radio (or series of radios) to allow a higher level of integration. Click here for Yaesu interface cable information.

LDG Generic Tuners  LDG Generic tuners work with any radio within their RF power range. Just key the radio and the tuner will analyze the RF, SWR and the frequency to find an optimal match between your antenna and radio. Optional interface cables for generic tuners for many radios allow a higher level of integration.

Free Interface Cable Rebate  Purchase any LDG Generic tuner from Sept 1, 2016 to Mar 31, 2017 and be eligible to receive a FREE interface cable. Just complete the rebate form available here and mail it in with a copy of your receipt. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Tuners include AT-1000ProII, AT-600ProII, AT-200ProII, AT-100ProII, Z-11ProII, and Z-100Plus. Cable choices are Y-ACC for FT-100,857,897,991,891; YT-PAC-1200 for FT-450, 950 and 1200; YT-PAC-3000 for FT-3000; or IC-PAC for Icom radios. 

YT-1200 Processor Upgrade LDG has announced the V1.1 processor upgrade for the YT-1200. The YT-1200 now includes Yaesu FT-450, FT-450D, FT-950, FT-991, FT-991A, FTdx-1200, FTdx-3000 radios. The upgrade adds seamless operation with the FT-991 and FT-991A as well as allowing the user to choose any baud rate. The new chip will also upgrade older YT-450 tuners to become 99% YT-1200 tuners. The processor will be available from www.cheapham.com for about $20. See the new manual in the Support section.