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Tuner Selection Info  Need help choosing a tuner? Try our "Tuner Selection Flow Chart" or "Tuner Comparison Chart". It gives you the specs for all of our tuners in an easy to read format that will help you make your decision. Still have a tough choice? Call or e-mail our tech support and a tuner specialist will help guide you to the right LDG tuner for you.

Now Available! RT-600 LDG has announced the RT-600 remote tuner. The RT-600 is a 600 watt PEP coax in / coax out remote tuner designed to be placed near the feedpoint of the antenna. If you are worried about power or signal loss due to SWR in your feedline, the RT-600 is the answer. Place the RT-600 near the feedpoint and the virtually eliminate all feedline loss due to SWR. DC powered over the coax by the RC-600 control unit (included). Suggested list price $449.99.

Now Available! YT-1200 LDG has announced the YT-1200 for FT-450, FT-450D, FT-991, FT-950, FTDX-1200, FTDX-3000 and FT-2000 (non-D). Seamless integration similar to the popular FT-991. Power and control through the provided interface cable. Suggested list price $259.99.